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FREE Office Pool Tournament Software - Coming Soon!

Join or Create your Own NBA Tournament Office Pool!


Our free online office pool tournament bracket software will now take the headaches out of office pool tournament championship play. Now you can create all types of competitive brackets online and have all your friends and co-workers sign up as many times as they want. Communicate with your very own private discussion board so now you can play for fun without having to fax or email a spread sheet for everyone to view and update.

Sports Bracket Tournament Features include:

  • Full Online Management and Set-up
    Manage your whole bracket online and post updates to your bracket anywhere with internet access.
  • Copy another Bracket: Why waste time filling out a bracket when some are already complete. Example: View an Existing Bracket on the Find a Tournament Page and use the copy function on the same page to create your own personal office pool. Look for the link: COPY THIS "Bracket Name " BRACKET AND USE IT AS YOUR TEMPLATE on the same page after you have created your own login email account.
  • Office Pool Tournaments
    Perfect for Professional Sports, office pools like the NCAA March Madness, now you can manage all your office pool tournament fun online.
  • Unlimited Participant Entries for Each Tournament Pool
    Have hundreds if not thousands of people join your public or private office pool and each individual will have access to their own brackets and view the top results and picks of individuals whom have been lucky enough to choose the highest percentage of individual and team winners in the tournament.
  • Teams and Individuals
    Our online bracket tournament software works for team tournaments as well as individual player tournaments – this online software is great for sports including, basketball, football, golf, wrestling, baseball, racquetball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, and more.
  • View Current Scores
    View your results and other top players within your bracket and see who’s current with the top score and has managed to pick the most teams or players to win in the tournament.
  • Admin Control
    The administrator will have full control over who gets to join his office pool tournament, via an email login entry. The admin will have the choice to accept or refuse entry to anyone. The admin can open the tournament for public entry or close it for private play only. The admin will also have the ability to time stamp the bracket for lock down so users will not be able to make changes to their picks when the first game begins.
  • Publish Your Tournament Bracket for Public Play or Make it Private
    The admin can publish your tournament for full public access and entry or choose to restrict access and viewing for private play only.
  • Discussion Board
    A discussion board will be available for each bracket created and private brackets will have to have email access to view their brackets and private discussions posted on the board.
  • Seed Events
    Seed your tournament teams or players.
  • Post Play Dates and Vegas Spread Information
    Post information for each team related to the Vegas spreads, play dates and seed information.
  • Tie Breakers
    To prevent office pool ties at the end of the tournament, participants are required to state the number of total points of the game chosen by the admin (usually the championship game) and the tournament winner will be the participant who chose the total score closest without going over.
  • Help Forum
    Convenient help Forum to post suggestions or questions regarding setting up a bracket.

***Beta V1.0: Launch and Release for 2006 March Madness tournament.